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Mom: What should I do if my son takes too long to text me back sometimes? “Instead of texting him, actually call him on the phone.  That way you’ll be able to talk to him.” – Sienna, a ZCLUB Superhero  

For Mom

Isn’t it something to watch the trees transform from green, to red, to orange, to yellow, and to feel the crisp chill of the air as the Fall sets in?  Nature is elegantly changing as the solstice arrives.  And what would be a better day spent than a day frolicking […]

AutumnFest 2015

On Friday, October 23, 2015 we launched a superhero movement… ZCLUB Open Mic Night!  Kids came dressed to express their Halloween excitement too. From all over New Jersey and Pennsylvania, kids joined us at The Treehouse Coffee Shop in Audubon, NJ for a two hour performing bonanza. We watched talented, […]

ZCLUB Open Mic Night 10/23/15