Z Kids

Hey Superheroes!

Let’s begin by creating a picture of a Z meeting with you and other kids having fun!

  How does this happen?

1- ask a parent if you can join ZCLUB.

2- talk to a few friends and see if they want to start a ZCLUB with you.

3- register yourself by submitting a video to ZCLUB.

4- get evaluated & approved by our ZCLUBZONE team to begin receiving Z program projects.

5- decide with your parents where you can hold your meetings to create your ZCLUB projects.

6- then begin meeting and creating!


  It’s that easy.

And lots of fun too because your meetings involve performing and creating!

Every ZCLUB meeting that you have you will be producing a video that features you and the other kids – either performing in the video or creating what goes into the video.  So, you can decide whether you want to be in the spotlight or work behind the scenes, or both.   Whichever you decide, you will be part of the fun and you will also learn the basics of how to work on productions to support your particular talents and performing and creative arts interests.

  If you do have particular interests, and would like to develop skills related to those interests, we can provide guidance to you – just contact us and let us know.


So Z meetings are about three things:

1) Having fun!

2) Learning and developing skills.

3) Being part of a video production (with your name featured in the credits,

and the video posted online.)


If you are interested in starting your own Z meeting, here are some of the activities that you can enjoy!

  • Meet and do creative arts activities together.
  • Meet and do performing arts activities together.
  • Perform in ZCLUB videos together and submit them.
  • Participate in programs and activities together to support a successful and personally rewarding future.
  • Help others, (School, Neighborhood, Community, Specific kinds of people in need, etc.)

If you have questions about how to get started, contact us.