Whether we address a group of 25 teachers in a workshop or a conference of 1,000 teachers,

we always begin by acknowledging that teachers are true American heroes, as they are stewards of our most precious resource – our youth.

Our mission regarding teachers is to secure funding to provide teachers with materials that are not within school budgets, but are valuable in preparing students for a successful and personally rewarding future.  Fundraising will be facilitated with incentivized campaigns through corporate and organizational giving that provide products and services to those companies in return for their contributions.

If you are interested in the following for your school, please contact us with your choices.


The Awesome Eighty

A student handbook of 80 traits and qualities (one to a page) that support a successful and personally rewarding future. The book is in three sections, each one representing a program that was provided to schools. Our school programs always receive ‘very good’ to ‘excellent’ scores, so you can be assured that you will be receiving the very best for your students.


The Lessons of ‘Z’

A youth fiction that features the ten essential traits that teachers have identified for a young person’s success in school and in life. See The Origins of ZCLUB in the About Us dropdown menu to learn about this ’super’ book!


The Journey

The Journey is a relaxation and rejuvenation CD provided to teachers

in our Stress Management for Teachers workshop.


The School Sports Connection

A manual and resource for students interested in sports, The School-Sports Connection uses sports references to motivate students in their school life. The ideas in this book can especially support the student who is doing well in their sport, but is having difficulty in their formal classroom education.


Working with Students with Challenging Mindsets

This material was developed for a training program for 260 Americorps volunteers, and evolved into a teacher workshop. It explores ways to understand and communicate effectively with students who may fall into the following categories:

  • The Non-Compliant or Resistant Child (resists authority, doesn’t follow directions)
  • The Self-Centered Child (thinks of themselves as above the rules and/or above the group)
  • The Hyper-Anxious Child (has a fear of failure)
  • The Low Self-Image Child (feels inferior)
  • The Isolated or Withdrawn Child (has a fear of closeness)


When you contact us, you will receive more introductory material,

including testimonials from teachers on the value of these materials.


We will be adding more school and teacher resources to this

section, so please revisit it occasionally to see what’s new!


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