Although ZCLUB is about kids, the ones who make it all happen are parents like you who want to provide resources for their children to prepare them for a successful and personally rewarding future. Parents begin with ZCLUB by sharing some of their values and specific thoughts regarding their child strengths and challenges. We welcome ongoing feedback, suggestions, requests, etc.

Here are some of basic themes and ideas found in ZCLUB.


Does your son or daughter likes superheroes and/or have super enthusiasm, energy or personal qualities?  In ZCLUB, they will have opportunities to channel and express their superhero nature! The ZCLUB definition of a superhero is someone who finds what is super about him/herself and uses it to excel and to help others.

Performing Arts

Does your child enjoy Acting, Singing, Dancing, Public Speaking Playing a Musical Instrument, Gymnastics, etc.?  In ZCLUB, they will have opportunities to express and explore their talents and perform in productions that have positive messages!

Creative Arts

Does your child enjoy Writing, Drawing, Photography, Creating videos, etc.?  In ZCLUB, they will have opportunities to develop their interests and use their talents to help create artistic works and productions within a group of like-minded kids!


Does your child like Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse, Ultimate, etc.?   In ZCLUB, they will have opportunities to develop their full potential in their sport, and use the values they learn to excel in other important areas of their life!


Is your child persuasive and inspiring. Do they to promote, or be involved in campaign-like activities?  In ZCLUB, they will have opportunities to further develop their leadership traits and skills, and channel them into actual campaigns based on the positive principles that you most value!

And of course, we also want to know about any other special talents and all about those things that make them unique. Also, if there are certain areas that are of interest or concern, we look forward to learning about them, areas such as: safety, attention issues, bullying, low-self-esteem, difficulty in a school classroom structure, behavioral challenges, etc.  And finally, like the scouts and other youth organizations, over the years we have also found that certain parents like to get more involved. If you have particular talents, skills, or simply the desire to be part of an activity, event, production, etc., there’s always an opportunity for parents and supportive adults to get involved.


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