Let’s begin by creating a picture of a ZCLUB Meeting with you and other kidz having fun.  Every ZCLUB meeting that you attend will involve producing a video that features you and the other kidz – either performing in the video or creating what goes into the video.  In other words, a meeting involves performing and creating (performing and creative arts).  So, you can decide whether you want to be in the spotlight or work behind the scenes, or both!

It’s totally up to you!

If you have particular talents, and would like to use them, that’s great!

If you have particular interests, and would like to develop skills related to those interests, you will receive guidance.


So ZCLUB Meetings are about three things:

1) Having fun.

2) Learning and developing skills, and

3) Being part of a video production (with your name featured in the credits, and the video posted online.)


Here are some of basic themes and ideas found in ZCLUB.   See which ones you like!



Do you like superheroes?  In ZCLUB, you will discover your own super-hero nature!


Performing Arts:

Do you like Acting, Singing, Dancing, Public Speaking Playing a Musical Instrument, Gymnastics, etc.?  In ZCLUB, you will be involved in the performing arts activities that you enjoy!


Creative Arts:

Do you like Writing, Drawing, Photography, Creating videos, etc.?  In ZCLUB, you will be involved in the creative arts activities that you enjoy!



Do you like Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse, Ultimate, etc.?   In ZCLUB, you can learn how to develop your full potential in your sports, and also to enjoy other areas of your life (like your school life) the way you enjoy your sports involvement.



Do you feel like you have leadership qualities?  In ZCLUB, you can run your own campaign and be a true leader!


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