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 ZCLUB meets in person and provides support to children at their own home through creative & inspirational productions.

With your 1 year membership your child will:

  • will receive support in developing their personal brand and self-awareness.
  • develop the necessary character and leadership traits adults and professionals agree that kids need to succeed, based on educational consultant research and programs used for teacher CEU courses.
  • receive developed content for production of video for reels and resume.
  • be building resume credentials for their participation in TV, web and industrial projects to support their personal and professional careers
  • gain experience working with our team and other children on ZCLUB national campaigns.
  • receive valuable feedback and review from professional directors, talent agent, and acting/dance trainers.
  • have a personal username login for hidden content our website
  • gain access to attending a local Z League in your area! (where available).
  • support the ZCLUB mission to providing resources and education to under-priveledged children and schools through the Z-Program workshops we provide.
  • receive invitations to participate in ZCLUB volunteer activities
  • receive notifications about ZCLUB auditions for productions and plays
  • get email updates regarding other opportunities.
  • get updates about any Z League retreats or workshops we may schedule.


Dates & Times of each ZCLUB League vary.

Click a city below to see the ZCLUB schedule for your area



After you register, you have one year from your sign up date to participate in a League near you or in productions sent to you remotely.  You must RSVP to your local Z Leader if you are attending a group so they know you will be coming.  We have a maximum number of kids per League who can participate at one time so this is important for you to follow to ensure your child is put on to the participation list.  Typically an email reminder about the meeting is sent to parents the Monday prior to the League to collect attendance confirmation, however our schedule is posted for your convenience in advance.  You should save the dates you plan to attend and RSVP in as much advance notice as you can provide by emailing your local leader.


Terms & Conditions:

By registering to subscribe you agree that ZCLUB will auto debit your account for each year until you cancel by emailing us.  You agree that you are signing your child up for ZCLUB and that you are over 18+ years of age.  ZCLUB will refund any subscription within 30 days of your order, and after this Cancellation Period you will then be pro-rated for the remaining months left on your invoice that ZCLUB has not met yet.  Every membership is 12 months in duration.  If for any reason a meeting must be cancelled by your ZCLUB League it does not mean it will be rescheduled for another date.  ZCLUB does not offer make-up meetings.

All membership fees support child development, training, program content and community outreach efforts that each ZCLUB League initiates.

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