Get Started

There are 4 easy steps to getting started with ZCLUB!

Step 1.   Get your ZCLUB evaluation by submitting a brief email introduction to: 

Include the following:  Name, Phone #, recent photo, resume if you have one, parent information, and a brief introduction of yourself.  This can be a paragraph or a :30 video clip.

Step 2.  Join our e-blast list for updates:  Click Here to receive updates about ZCLUB in action!

Step 3.  Register your child for their ZCLUB Membership:  Click Here to Complete your ZCLUB Membership!

Step 4.  Become a ZCLUB League Leader:  Click Here to sign up to become a ZCLUB Leader!


CLICK HERE for the ZCLUB League Schedule in an area near you:


If you have questions about how to get started, contact us.