ZCLUB Programs


With ZCLUB, your child will have the opportunity to participate in programs that schools have paid thousands of dollars to bring to their teachers and students. Here are three of them:


The 10 Essential Traits

The 10 essential traits were discovered by asking 200 teachers what young people needed to have a successful and personally rewarding future. Workshops were then provided in schools to teachers so they could teach them to their students. In our program, your child will learn them, choose the top three they want to first address, make a plan to develop or strengthen them, and share their results and how they have benefited through the program.


Preparation for Personal and Organizational Success

These 20 traits and skills were discovered from adults who shared that there were skills needed in their work life that they never learned in school. In this program, you will find areas like planning, goal-setting, problem-solving, self-presentation, etc. all presented at age-appropriate levels. With all the money we invest in our children’s education, the small cost of this program will help to assure that their education includes these vital topics that are not usually taught as formal subjects in school.


The Foundation Fifty (Collection of Excellent Traits and Skills)

These 50 traits and skills were discovered through interviews with adults in various fields, including school counseling, athletic coaching, business, technology, medicine, performing and creative arts, and others. Workshops were provided to coaches, athletes, teachers and students using the model. In this program, your child will discover their top seven areas, and focus on their top three. Besides the obvious value this program brings to young people, there is also the peace of mind that parents experience when they discover what is most important to their child from such a comprehensive list of traits and skills.


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