ZCLUB Productions

ZCLUB Productions

ZCLUB Meetings revolve around the creation of a video production that involves young ZCLUB members as writers, developers, and performers.

The ZCLUB Kidz Show is a group of young people who help others in interesting and unexpected ‘super’ ways.  New ZCLUB members join as the series progresses.  The show content will be based on the researched model of 80 learning modules which the kidz discuss in each meeting.  Episodes include themes on developing strengths and handling challenges.

And so, our ZCLUB ‘super-heroes’ help other kids (and sometimes, adults) in situations such as:

  • being bullied
  • low self-esteem
  • social skill development (friendship)
  • victim of prejudice bias, unacceptance
  • depression or anxiety
  • intellectual or cognitive disability
  • behavioral or developmental difficulties or disorders
  • the power of good health and nutrition
  • a home environment that doesn’t or can’t adequately support a young person’s positive development
  • family problems such as relationship breakdowns
  • skill sets that today’s businesses say will be important, such as accountability, time-management, teamwork, etc.
  • competing family or social responsibilities, such as caring for family members, or working outside school hours
  • a child in a disadvantaged situation


Watch our 2017 picture reel from the play, The Making of A Superhero!

A Philadelphia classroom proudly showing the cards and letters they created for an 11 year old boy in Illinois struggling with Diabetes, kidney & liver issues.


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