The ZCLUB F.L.A.G. Division


We developed FLAG (Future Leaders of America Group™) in 2004 at the college level.   It was hosted by a South Jersey sports club where college students met to develop projects and campaigns to support the community.   It evolved over time to include middle school and young high school students.

Now it is officially part of ZCLUB for those ZCLUB members who aspire to formal leadership roles.  As we know, people who achieve success in the performing arts, business, media, politics, or in their chosen field often begin their leadership development at an early age.

If your child aspires to a life of leadership, FLAG is an opportunity for them to participate in a young leadership group that they themselves develop and manage, using our location and resources.

Some guiding principles include:

Leadership Ideas

  • A leader motivates or supports people to work or act in a way that is personally rewarding, and that serves an important purpose.
  • A leader plans and manages a campaign.
  • A leader is rewarded for his/her efforts.


FLAG Ideas and Possibilities

  • work in a team with other young people
  • manage the details of a campaign
  • receive recognition, advancement opportunity, and financial rewards
  • develop a leadership platform
  • network
  • expand your influence from local to state to national levels


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