About ZCLUB!

Meet the ZCLUB Staff!

Lindsy Ray

Hi, I’m Lindsy!  I’m the one who you’ll first connect with when you begin your involvement in ZCLUB.   I’ve served families and kids for a good part of my young & adult life.  I once owned my own talent company, and now I work as a talent agent in addition to my work with ZCLUB.  My involvement with the performing arts includes my twenty years in dance: training, teaching & performing.  My background with ZCLUB includes producing and directing live plays and stage shows, coordinating events, working one-to-one and in group settings with kids, tweens and teens.  I also work closely with those parents who want to get more involved and channel their own talents and skills into our ZCLUB programs, productions and products.  I love everything about my work with ZCLUB and the many opportunities it provides for children to build confidence and self-awareness!


Anthony Michael

Hi, I’m Anthony, and I’m the one who brings the research-based educational content into

ZCLUB programs, products and productions. I’ve been an educational consultant for many years, and have worked in almost every kind of school you can imagine! I discovered years ago that many of the skills that people need to have a successful and rewarding life are not taught formally in schools. This discovery began my commitment of providing young people with opportunities to develop such skills. I also have a background in music, and my music has appeared on TV, won a national award, and has been used in fund-raising campaigns. The thing I like most about ZCLUB is watching young people grow in confidence, self-expression and the performance of their talents! My degree is an MHS (Masters of Human Services).


Jodi Apice

Hi, I’m Jodi, and I work in administrative support and systems analysis and design. I’m the one who guides project management with conceptual models to assure the top quality in services for your child!  Besides this, I am a ZCLUB parent and have seen my son’s extraordinary growth as soon as we first attended a ZCLUB event.


Other parents are involved in a part-time capacity or for specific events or productions,

and we will be featuring them in this section soon in gratitude for their wonderful support!


When you visit with us, you can review our resumes

for more specifics about our backgrounds.


What happens in ZCLUB?

Four main things happen in Z CLUB! Young people:

  • Meet, create, perform in, and produce videos with the guidance of our staff and interested parents.
  • Attend programs to support a successful and personally rewarding future.
  • Receive personalized guidance based on their individual talents and goals
  • Perform in live and filmed productions, and in optional community events like mall events, nursing homes, etc.


Where and when ZCLUB meets!

ZCLUB meets at the Resources for Human Development (RHD) Complex at 4700 Wissahickon Avenue (conveniently located right of the Wissahickon Avenue exit of the Schuylkill Expressway I-76). Meetings are in multi-purpose rooms that can serve as classrooms, rehearsal studios, and performance venues, seating up to 100 people.


For our schedule, click here.



With ZCLUB, your child will have the opportunity to participate in programs that schools have paid thousands of dollars to bring to their teachers and students. Here are three of them:


The 10 Essential Traits

The 10 essential traits were discovered by asking 200 teachers what young people needed to have a successful and personally rewarding future. Workshops were then provided in schools to teachers so they could teach them to their students. In our program, your child will learn them, choose the top three they want to first address, make a plan to develop or strengthen them, and share their results and how they have benefited through the program.


Preparation for Personal and Organizational Success

These 20 traits and skills were discovered from adults who shared that there were skills needed in their work life that they never learned in school. In this program, you will find areas like planning, goal-setting, problem-solving, self-presentation, etc. all presented at age-appropriate levels. With all the money we invest in our children’s education, the small cost of this program will help to assure that their education includes these vital topics that are not usually taught as formal subjects in school.


The Foundation Fifty (Collection of Excellent Traits and Skills)

These 50 traits and skills were discovered through interviews with adults in various fields, including school counseling, athletic coaching, business, technology, medicine, performing and creative arts, and others. Workshops were provided to coaches, athletes, teachers and students using the model. In this program, your child will discover their top seven areas, and focus on their top three. Besides the obvious value this program brings to young people, there is also the peace of mind that parents experience when they discover what is most important to their child from such a comprehensive list of traits and skills.




A ZCLUB Meeting revolve around the creation of a video production that involves young ZCLUB members as writers, developers, and performers. The following is a history of our larger stage productions and plans for a TV series.


A Musical

It all began when the book that started ZCLUB (The Lessons of Z) was adapted into the musical, The Road to a Dream, with nine wonderful young actors, and 20 dancers. The newspaper that covered it’s called it a new way to teach positive values.


Talent Shows

Our talent shows serve three purposes: 1) Naturally to provide ZCLUB members with all the benefits of performing on stage, 1) to identify strengths that can reveal their potential in the performing arts, and 3) to reveal skills areas that can be further developed or strengthened.


A Play

With the experience gained from participating in the talent shows, young people were casted into the play, The Making of a Superhero, with its four acts: 1) Superpowers, 2) The Superhero Training Academy, 3) The Superhero with a Thousand Faces, and 4) Superheroes in Action.


A TV Show Pilot and Proposal

With our experience producing a musical, talent shows and a play, we began rehearsing the pilot episode for the planned TV Show, ZCLUB, which includes the formation of the club, talent performances, music, sketches and other features. The features also channeled the actual talents of the young actors. For example, ZCLUB News (news of young superheroes around the country) was hosted by a teen who managed the news and anchored the news desk for her school, and participated in a KYW News Training Program. The pilot was performed in two shows with two casts at the Stage 1 Performing Arts Complex in Wallingford, PA.


The ZCLUB TV Show is about a group of young people who help others in interesting and unexpected ‘super’ ways.  New ZCLUB members join as the series progresses. New members’ superpowers will be based on the researched model of 80 learning modules. Episodes include themes on developing strengths and handling challenges.  And so, our ZCLUB ‘super-heroes’ help other kids (and sometimes, adults) in situations such as:


SUPER-HERO = a person who discovers something super about him or herself and uses it to excel and to help others.

(or ‘super’) acts of helping others.

  • being bullied
  • low self-esteem
  • social skill development (friendship)
  • victim of prejudice bias, unacceptance
  • depression or anxiety
  • intellectual or cognitive disability
  • behavioral or developmental difficulties or disorders
  • the power of good health and nutrition
  • a home environment that doesn’t or can’t adequately support a young person’s positive development
  • family problems such as relationship breakdowns
  • skill sets that today’s businesses say will be important, such as accountability, time-management, teamwork, etc.
  • competing family or social responsibilities, such as caring for family members, or working outside school hours
  • a child in a disadvantaged situation




We developed FLAG (Future Leaders of America Group™) in 2004 at the college level. It was hosted by a South Jersey sports club where college students met to develop projects and campaigns to support the community. It evolved over time to include middle school and young high school students. Now it is officially part of ZCLUB for those ZCLUB members who aspire to formal leadership roles. As we know, people who achieve success in the performing arts, business, media, politics, or in their chosen field often begin their leadership development at an early age. If your child aspires to a life of leadership, FLAG is an opportunity for them to participate in a young leadership group that they themselves develop and manage, using our location and resources. Some guiding principles include:


Leadership Ideas

  • A leader motivates or supports people to work or act in a way that is

personally rewarding, and that serves an important purpose.

  • A leader plans and manages a campaign.
  • A leader is rewarded for his/her efforts.


FLAG Ideas and Possibilities

  • work in a team with other young people
  • manage the details of a campaign
  • receive recognition, advancement opportunity, and financial rewards
  • develop a leadership platform
  • network
  • expand your influence from local to state to national levels



The Origins of ZCLUB

Z CLUB began with a single question:

“What do young people need to have a successful and personally rewarding life?”


We asked this question of 200 teachers. From their answers eventually came a list of 10 traits and skills divided into two sections of five each. The first five can be referred to as basic or personal skills, and the second five advanced or social skills. And then we asked approximately 150 students, “What kinds of stories do you like to read? And what kinds of shows do you like to watch? Among the most popular answers were, superheroes, magical places, relationships, and big accomplishments.


A Book

From these interviews and conversations came a book about friends who meet a league of 10 superheroes, each representing one of the traits or skills, characterized as superpowers. The book, The Lessons of Z, became popular in schools in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


A Program

From the book, came The Z Program, which we brought to classrooms. Teachers were amazed that literally within a few minutes, an entire class of 25 to 30 students memorized the 10 ‘superpowers’. And within the Z Program school workshop, the students made plans on how to develop and strengthen positive traits and skills in their life. Possibly for the first time, young people were taking personal responsibility for their own development in a very structured way! It was so gratifying when a teacher said,

“Every child should have access to this material.”


A Teacher Workshop

With more and more teachers wanting the student program, we worked on a teacher workshop program. So, the next step was the design and implementation of The Ten Essential Traits Workshop, in which participating teachers received mandated credits to continue their teaching careers. The workshop was provided through an agency that served 80% of the schools in the state of New Jersey.



The book, The Lessons of Z was adapted to the stage. Plays, productions and talent shows followed. Parents got involved – helping to arrange social events, and the opportunity for their children to be part of a young talent community based on personal achievement and the spirit of helping others. This community grew to what is now known as ZCLUB!