In ZCLUB, the children come first.  Our mission is to inspire, educate, and provide experiences to help our youth flourish.  We believe compassion and creativity can change the world for the better.  And with unique skills, abilities and talents, the ZCLUB Superheroes will create a brighter future for us all.

The Mission of ZCLUB is to prepare young people for a successful and personally rewarding future, while providing them with opportunities to express and channel their talents through fun personal and social activities.

ZCLUB is an overall theme, a place, a movement – where kids can be themselves, and explore their own personal interests, whether they involve performing arts (acting, singing, dance, etc.), creative arts (writing, art, production, etc.), sports, or any other interest!

And ZCLUB Superheroes are welcome to join in on community service projects such as: visiting hospitals and encouraging kids diagnosed with cancer, clothing drives, performing at nursing homes, and other causes where kids can experience the many satisfactions and benefits of being ‘a person for others’.

ZCLUB supports the whole person – helping young people in developing their full individual potential, while they also learn to better relate to others and strengthen the positive values that are most important to family and organizational life. Such values include Self-Direction, Respect, Service, Teamwork, and Leadership. 








Children ages 5-14 benefit from working in team building and self-awareness enrichment programs like ZCLUB.  We believe every kid can be a Superhero! Our mission is to provide a strong educational and performing arts based platform for kids to develop their goals and confidence they need to achieve a successful future.


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